Last week was a lovely and varied week of planned things, surprises, work and stretching myself. I love my life – everything is varied and that suits me. I like planning things but I’m always open to new surprises and opportunities to bring joy to events, help people have fun and learn.

Saturday I was filming a short film advert with Bookable Online. It was great fun and we managed to avoid the rain and wind. There will be more on this when the film is edited and finished!

Monday was admin day, writing and posting social media for the week. And also coordinating with my web designer adding a blog page!

Tuesday was a rehearsal for an outdoor street show ready for Spring and Summer this year with a friend and fellow performer Anthony. We took advantage of a dry sunny but windy afternoon to test some show related things outside in the strong wind.

Wednesday I had two client meetings online which was fun, and I began in earnest preparing my speech for a competition. I was also helping other clients with queries and quotes.

Thursday I continued to write and rehearse my speech for the Battle Speakers International Speech competition. This took place in the evening and I think I delivered my speech the best I could and got some great feedback. I was placed third and was up against experienced and knowledgeable competitors.

Friday I prepared for a weekend of work packing costume, props, balloons, directions and sandwiches! I also took part in a mystery encounter which will have to wait until it is made public! It’s a nice surprise!

Saturday – up to London for a repeat booking with a lovely family for a 5th Birthday party which went very well. They loved the balloon show and every child got a simple balloon. My uncle and aunt live a ten minute walk away so I had a delicious home cooked meal and a fabulous catch up.

Sunday – Balloon modelling at a Christening celebration with kids who were delighted to see me and everyone got a balloon, including some adults who couldn’t believe what I was making and wanted one for themselves. The giant dog proved a favourite!