Parties are Back

I’ve been busy entertaining at all kinds of parties, birthday parties for children in homes, soft play centres and community halls.

But I’ve also been entertaining at adult events too.

And you know what, I’ve learned something I’m going to pass on to you here. It’s about cakes, and candles.

Birthday cakes are DEAD!

We still have the Omicron virus around plus the usual coughs, colds, and winterbugs. Why would you want a child (or indeed adult) to huff, puff and splutter spit whilst blowing out candles on a birthday cake?

You don’t.

So what’s the alternative?

Cup cakes. Individual cupcakes for each person. And the birthday child (of any age) gets a special cupcake with a candle on. No fuss, no spit, all good.

The last party I performed at had Unicorn themed cupcakes with three different flavours. The birthday girl had a bigger cupcake with a number 7 candle on it.

Which brings me to candles.

Can you Handle a Candle?

Here are my top Candle types to enhance the birthday experience for both adults & kids.

  1. Coloured Candle – This is your standard fun candle, coming in many colours.

    Image by Philip Wels from Pixabay

2. Striped candle – Visually more pleasing and great for photos with the birthday child. Very easy to find these in shops.

      Image by mehmet lafdinleten from Pixabay

3. Letter Candle – “Happy birthday” is the most common lettering. “Let’s Party” is another. Great for older kids and adults. But I find younger children like the new age they have reached.

       Image by Inga Klas from Pixabay

4. Number Candle – There are quite a few designs out there, just pick your favourite! Stripes, dots, white with outlines of colour – lots of different designs to choose from.

      Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

5. Colour Flame Candle – So I think these are my favourite, the flames have different to normal colours. And they often come in multicolour packs. They seem really magical to me as we don’t normally see purple or green flames. Kids love them as they are really different.

         Photo borrowed from Denny website who sells them. I have no affiliation, just like the photo!

6. Fountain Candle – Sparkling or Fountain Candles a spectacular mix of indoor firework and candle. Just ensure the safety of any kids before lighting these bad boys!

    Photo borrowed from Pinterest


There are other shaped candles to add visual loveliness to your birthday cake or cup cake. Go to your local shops and see what they have. Or of course look online too.

I hope this splurge of information on Candles and Cake has helped. If I can help in any other way, please contact me, Danny The Idiot, through the website here !

(Top image of wobbly candle by diapicard from Pixabay ) Please note I have tried to credit photos wherever possible