Birthday Silliness for both kids and adults!

Your child wants a party to celebrate their special day. They insist! But how do you keep them and their friends utterly entertained without putting the adults through an embarrassing or loud experience? Perhaps you are like most of the adults who get a bit daunted by the thought of 30 children running around in a room?

It’s hard to keep up with the competition too. Your kid goes to their friends’ parties and sees all sorts of carnivals and suddenly they form a strong opinion about their birthday.

Are you considering taking the risk of letting them feel left out and disappointed? Of course not!

This is where I come in. No matter where you live in Hastings, Bexhill, Battle, Rye, Eastbourne, Uckfield, Hailsham, and surrounding areas in East Sussex, West Sussex Danny the Idiot has got a solution for you.

In a one hour show that removes all the stress of the event you will experience giving your little ones Laughter, Amazement, Surprise and even more Laughter. And the adults are going to thank you too.

Want to know what doesn’t work at kid’s birthday parties?

And what does?
Then speak to someone who has been to countless parties:
a busy birthday party entertainer.
That’s me! Danny the Idiot!

I’m here to share my insights with you to try and make your life super easy.

Avoid These 5 Costly Misconceptions About Birthday Parties

#1 A longer party is a better party.

No, it’s not – really believe me
This is not about the kids. Kids cannot tell the difference between a shorter dynamic party and a longer slower one
It’s all just a blur for excited kids
But adults are busy people, aren’t they?…

#2 You Can Find The Perfect Party Date and Time To Suit Everyone

Stop trying to please everybody, trust me!
You never will, so don’t bother
Get a feel for what might work for people, set the time that suits YOU and maybe your child’s best friend, then move on
The cost of trying to please everybody is YOUR health and well-being and perhaps your sanity too!
#3 If I don’t have the right food and
decorations people will judge me poorly

I have never heard the kids talking about the food or the decorations. EVER

In my extensive experience, no one, kid or adult, goes to a children’s party for the food

The pure volume of food — beautifully presented — that is left untouched at the end of all birthday combined could feed the entire nation of Wales, or even the entire population of France as they don’t eat much, I reckon
Talk about literally pouring hard earned money down the drain, or in the bin
#5 Having my party in my garden is easier.
No – it isn’t!
Here’s a few reasons why your garden isn’t that attractive after all:
Stings and bites cause tears
Sitting in the sun for too long is dangerous and hot
If it rains you have a LOT of rearranging to do. (In case you’ve forgotten: We live in the UK where rain is the norm. You just have to guess which of the days it won’t rain – good luck!)
Wind is nobody’s friend at a party, especially for the Birthday Balloon Show! Not THAT kind of wind!


Danny the Idiot performs an amazing hilarious birthday show which includes:

Silly Balloon silliness
Crazy magic
Ridiculous puppetry
But mostly involves all the audience by…
Being interactive from their seats
Makes your child the star of the show on their special day
Grown-ups love watching the kids watching the show

And all that means you can be freed up to attend to details as everyone is entertained. Hey – you can even enjoy the show too!


The Birthday child will be made the star of the show and be celebrated by friends and family

The show is different and original so you and your guests will experience something new
and exciting
The brilliant birthday show is Brilliant and a birthday show, so parents and kids alike will have fun and talk about the show for weeks afterwards – even if you want them to stop!

You can relax enjoy the party and be stress free with all the kids AND adults laughing – you will be too

The show is interactive and engaging so the kids (and adults) will be riveted to their seats! Not literally – I have different tools to rivet the audience!


A 50 minute jam packed fun filled show

In the show Balloon magic, Balloon silliness and crazy Balloon stunts, like escaping from the balloons of death!

Everyone – grown-ups included will not want to miss a moment of mayhem.
Your child is the star and gets to help me in the most important parts of the show.

Siblings can help as well and I also use other children,
and even adults in different parts of the show

The Birthday show is fun
for all
There are great photo moments.
Fabulous Balloon Models
These can be added on an extra for either option for all the children to have. They can be premade, ready to hand out at the end of the party for all the kids to take home. Don’t worry – I bring extras in case of poppages!
Your party package can be tailored to the number of kids and your budget –


What People Actually Say

“I had the most amazing time on Saturday. Your act is so funny my ribs hurt from laughing so much. Truly remarkable & memorable. Would recommend you to everyone in a heartbeat! Thank you”

Kate L

“I had the most amazing time on Saturday. Your act is so funny my ribs hurt from laughing so much. Truly remarkable & memorable. Would recommend you to everyone in a heartbeat! Thank you”

Kate L

“I had the most amazing time on Saturday. Your act is so funny my ribs hurt from laughing so much. Truly remarkable & memorable. Would recommend you to everyone in a heartbeat! Thank you”

Kate L





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