Balloon Twisting Events

Balloon Modelling, or balloon twisting, uses biodegradable natural latex balloons of all shapes, sizes and colours to create a balloon sculpture. That could be a hat, a balloon animal, a character or… well whatever you want!

Everyone LOVES a balloon – seriously I know this. This could be at a private event like a wedding or birthday. Or it could be at a corporate event like a shopping centre or Christmas Party.
Lastly, it can also be at a public event like a festival, street event or even on a pier.

Balloons are SO great at any event because everyone loves them and they can be adapted to any theme, colour scheme or subject.


There is a glitch with events that you might not realise.
When some people arrive at events they might be

Nervous – excited with anticipation of the event ahead. Who will be there? Will there be my favourite drink?

Shy people and introverted folk might be dreading ice breaking banter which they are not great with until their friends arrive
Stressed from their journey with traffic delays. Those parking issues and other problems nobody wants to know about. They just want to have fun
So the beginning of the party, event or celebration may seem awkward or tough to get going.

A balloon entertainer (that’s me!) welcomes them. Chats to them breaking the ice. Asking them what balloon they would like gives a
focus for people to talk about and then making the balloon creation gives people to watch something different and unusual.

They start chatting…

“Hey, what balloon will you get?”

Do you think he could make something red to match my dress?” “Mummy I want a dinosaur balloon”



is what it says, wearing balloon creation as a hilarious hat, an extraordinary wrist balloon or even a bizarre backpack. For the sophisticated, a small brilliant broach or a fabulous fascinator.
Why wearable balloon art?

It’s SO easy for children to run around and drop the balloon which will probably pop. Seriously, believe me I’ve witnessed this countless times. By having it attached to a wrist they can carry on playing and it’s more likely the balloon will last longer

Or even worse, the balloon will be given to a parent to look after and ensure nothing untoward happens to the balloon creation. It will then be hidden in a bag and not fulfill its destiny to party!

At adult events, like Christmas parties or weddings, both hands remain free to eat and drink and continue to be merry!

Bespoke art is made in front of the person. The balloon art is inspired by the person based on what they are wearing, or what they wish Danny to make them.

No plastic or foil balloons are used at all.


A great talking point as an icebreaker or a challenge
Fun and really different
Colourful and mesmerising
Bespoke balloon art made right in front of you, for you!
Both adults and children love balloons when they are this good!
Balloons help wonderful photos to remember the day and make great social media posts.
The event, the guests and the balloons all add up to great atmosphere

Danny the Idiot provides fun, laughter and entertainment that will remain in memories long after the day has ended, ensuring you and your guests experience a fabulous day.

Danny the Idiot makes about 20 good balloons an hour just to give you an idea.


I’m highly experienced and completely brilliant!
But don’t take my word for it!

“Danny is amazing, he created a brilliant ice cream cone for us, all made from balloons, it even had a balloon cherry on top! It could not have been moreas perfect and my son absolutely loved it. I can’t recommend Danny highly enough, his creations are amazing! The service is always outstanding and we are constantly wowed by what he does. Thank you Danny for all your balloons, they always bring us such joy.”

Heidi M


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