Are you at home and have kids that are bored? Perhaps you are tired of staying at home and protecting the vulnerable & saving lives? It’s not a great situation, but it could be a lot worse. Being bored is good. There are so many things to do such as learning a new skill, reading books, and playing games as a family. Of course there is also work and studies to be done as well.
Visitor attractions, zoos and theatres are putting themselves out to bring entertainment to you at home as the stay at home rule exists.
Why not check out these sites?
Chester Zoo – have a live cam feeding animals. Chester Zoo
Why not check out your local zoo, animal sanctuary online and see if they are doing something similar!

Cirque du Soleil – are showing an hour long show from three of their amazing circus performances. It’s free on YouTube and shows incredible circus skills and acrobatics combined with top notch production values. Tickets are premium prices so why not have a peek with the whole family! And it looks like they are doing one weekly at the moment so you can watch different shows! Cirque Du Soleil
There is also the Russian Clown troupe Slava Polunin showing a free performance of “The Snow Show” – again International touring shows from your sofa. Enjoy – The Snow Show

Theatres are also showing free theatre screening. There is a huge list of various theatres around the UK and beyond doing this. Here is a quick summary if you are into theatre plays, opera and ballet. It’s all for free why not take a peek! Check out their own websites or Facebook groups. Performances online at National Theatre every Thursday; Met week by week; Globe every two weeks; Sadler’s Wells every Friday on Facebook.

Fancy travelling from the comfort of your own home? Why not take a virtual tour of some of the world’s most amazing sites.
Go and experience the amazing City of Petra Virtual Tour of Petra
Check out these other wonders too Google Virtual Tours

Finally, there are all sorts of things to do, see, learn, if you need help and much more – check out this blog where there are loads of boredom busting things listed Boredom Busters List

Lastly but most importantly – thank you for reading this, I hope it help inspire you to do something you might not have thought of while you are saving lives by staying in at home.
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