With over thirty years’ experience as an entertainer my job is to spread joy, to bring smiles to people’s faces whether they are children or adults. In the ongoing situation with COVID-19 I am not allowed to do my work in person. As you know groups of any number are discouraged for the moment. All my bookings have been cancelled or postponed. There is nothing I can do about this, or is there….?

I HAVE THE SOLUTION! Let me spread joy with bespoke balloon gifts.

Balloon RainbowPerhaps you have kids that are already bored at home? They might be missing their friends or fighting their siblings? I know of one customer who gave balloon models as rewards throughout the day after their children completed school work or did chores.

Balloons are not just for children. Maybe there is someone special that needs an original “Thank You” gift for how they have helped you? What about someone who needs cheering up in these strange unprecedented times with some fun & colour? A reminder of a treasured object, or a long forgotten hobby they were once passionate about. Perhaps that holiday you booked is not possible now – why not a balloon themed gift for that place you were going to head off too?

 “They went down absolutely amazingly. She loved them and said they were even better than flowers. Thank you so much for doing it.” 

Tom H, Bexhill. After taking a balloon flower bouquet for Mother’s Day


I have decided to do more bespoke balloon deliverable balloons to spread joy but no viruses. If your child, or you know someone who is having a birthday, but can’t have a party – I can make a balloon gift for them in my balloon studio, no mouth inflation, all by pump. Then I can bag it up and either it can be delivered or picked up by arrangement. Perhaps there is an anniversary coming up, a celebration that will be delayed because of the COVID-19? Why not give a balloon?!!!

What can I make? Objects from hobbies, favourite colours, animals, characters within reason, I can pretty much make anything if given enough warning and if I have the balloons in stock.

What am I offering? Bespoke Balloon gifts created out of 100% biodegradable latex with no mouth inflation. Support local business and contact me, Danny on  07947 03178 for availability, designs and prices. Or you can email me through here. I will be putting some ideas up on Instagram and Facebook.