Play every day even in lock down. Its important for many reasons. Whether you are an adult or a child you still need to play. Even when working from home, the work / family balance is even more important. Kids of course are experts at play, unless they are bored. So here are some ideas of different things to spark play or actually play! Play leads to creativity, laughter togetherness and a lot more.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charlie Chaplin

Play is also about learning to take risks, empowering yourself or your family. It’s about risking failure in a safe environment and having fun. Playing games give you permission to do this.
Physical games are exercise in disguise. Take a look at these two things. Using some simple chalk and a local pavement you can create a whole fun work out for everyone, no matter what your ability! The second website Gympanzees work with children of all abilities and is a great resource – take a look!

Chalk games Chalk ideas!

The Gympanzees website

Feeling down in the mouth? What you need is some Laughter yoga. It is on every day at 9.50am for first timers and can change up your day in an outbreath.
Online Laughter Yoga sessions

Taskmaster is the Channel 4 tv show. Its actually my favourite and ever since the lock down began Alex Horn has been setting tasks for you to do at home. They are broad themed tasks to film. You can do this in families or individuals and you need to film 20 seconds maximum of your attempt. They will then be judged by the Task Master, Greg Davies, and a compilation video shown on the below YouTube channel. You need to use the hashtag #HomeTasking on twitter to enter your video. Good Luck!
The Task Master YouTube channel

Do you want to get your hands involved and away from a screen? Then why not take the Aardman clay challenges. You will need some plasticine and a few other bits to help. Go take a look! Get creative and learn something new. #AardsAndCraft is their hash tag, and on their facebook page below is a selection of their challenges and short films too! Perhaps this is more craft than play. But is looks great fun!
Aardman Animations Facebook page with challenges

Here are a couple of websites with things to play with or ideas.
Gadgets and Apps are up first, you may have some of these and need not spend more money! Or you just might need to download some app to facilitate this aspect of play.
some of the best games & apps to play during lockdown

Here is Save the Children’s website with some great suggestions to save your children from boredom and keep them entertained in lock down!
Things to do with kids by Save the Children!

Finally, I hope you enjoy all or some or at least one of these playful activities.
If you do – please comment below. It would be great to get some feedback on what you would like me to write about next, or a subject you would like to me to research and write about for you!

Danny the Idiot