Hello and welcome to my first blog post on my website!

I will be writing weekly, or as near as I can to that. And I will be talking about Family Events like birthday parties, anniversaries, christenings with top tips, advice and general best practice after years of experience with all kinds of events that I hope you will find useful and be able to easily implement for your event.

Also I will also be blogging about Weddings – so if you know anyone getting married, let them know please. Again I will be writing about things the bride and groom may have missed or not thought about for their big special day.

In addition I will be talking about Corporate Entertainment – so this means any entertainment suitable for business people, or businesses that want to hold events for customers, clients or colleagues… well any business that has or might want to hire me!

I might throw other things in too like some background on me, Danny The Idiot, my adventures and travels plus whatever else I hope you might find interesting.

Are there any topics that you would like me to cover? You can email me at dannyATdannytheidiot.com or contact me through my social media on Facebook Danny The Idiot Facebook Page
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