At the beginning of lockdown I planted some seeds: courgettes, tomatoes, nasturtiums and radish. It’s now about eight weeks later.

I’ve never grown anything from scratch before and I thought it would be a good idea to grow edible plants, giving fresh produce. I followed the instructions on the seed packets and waited, and waited. And waited, until I checked one morning and there was green stuff poking through the soil! YAY! I had to wait a little longer until they were strong enough to replant into bigger pots. Then waited again.

The leaves of the courgette plants grew, the whole plants grew larger, greener and flowers began budding. It will be soon time to plant them outside. All the plants are doing well. I have yet to plant them outside as I have to build a raised bed on my all decking small garden.

What I have I learnt from courgettes? It takes time and patience, regular watering and paying attention to what’s going on in the environment for them.

This is much the same as my business. I can’t perform at events at the moment so I have time to think, to reflect and wait. At the same instance I’m online looking at what is going on. Some businesses can “pivot” and sell online, or switch to meeting online. In the entertainment world some are creating videos, or performing virtual shows. I did attempt to do some videos but found the technical know how too baffling to me and perhaps I was too ambitious too early. I may come back to this later!

However I have been nurturing the seeds of an idea. I’ve been feeding it and learning about options and when it is ready I will be planting it out there for the everyone to see. Very soon I’ll be offering non-contact balloon deliveries to the local area around me. I’m strengthening the roots of the idea, educating myself as to industry procedure to keep myself and the customers safe. And experimenting with designs and taking photos of them.

Sometimes things take time and the wait will be worth it. I can see the results of my patience, diligent watering and care for the plants. I see the next stage imminent and so will have to protect my courgettes and other plants from the insects and birds in addition to the growing heat of the sun and blustering of the winds.


Please keep a look out for announcements when I will launch non-contact balloon deliveries. In the meantime I have to go and water my plants, and my ideas!