Mother’s Day is fast looming on the 22nd March and I am offering an alternative, fun bespoke balloon gift. Balloon Bouquets come in three sizes – small, medium and large! The medium and large flowers will stand alone. They can come in any colour combination as long as I have those colours in stock! Flowers may vary and in my test bunches I realised an all chrome (the shiny balloons) bouquet doesn’t last so long so I would only use them for highlights. What are your mother’s favourite colours? Let me know.
Before I get to prices let me give some top tips on caring for your bouquet of balloon flowers.
• Keep away from radiators, or direct sunlight will help them last longer. Why – the heat help deteriorates the natural rubber latex faster.
• Keep away from under threes as balloon can pose a choking threat.
• Keep away from pets for the same reason.
• Always dispose of balloons responsibly, “pin it and bin” it is the current catch phrase.

The Prices are as of March 2020 Bouquet #1 £40, Bouquet #2 £30 and Bouquet #3 £20.
Why should you buy?
Unique fun and different
Bespoke and tailor made to your recipient’s favourite colours
You don’t need a big party to have balloons!
Can be picked up or delivered locally!

Contact Danny today to order phone 07947 013178 or email