Image by Alexander Antropov from Pixabay

In this day and age there are many channels of communication. It’s like a T.V – some people like tuning in to BBC, others like Channel 4 or Channel 4+1 for convenience. Some even prefer subscribing to Netflix. And of course there are many others too. Which one do you prefer to get in touch with your local balloon entertainer?! Here are some of my channels you can tune into and contact me to ask questions, book events or make balloon delivery orders or enquiries.

Website – You can see everything that I do and there are lots of photos, explanations and a contact form to hone down what information I require.

Phone – Call and speak to me directly or leave a message if I’m busy. It means you can ask all the questions you need to help you decide if you wish to book or buy.  Phone 07947 013178

Text – If you don’t want to speak to me, you can send me a message via text to the number above. Just tell me how I can help you and the best time and method to contact you back.

Facebook – I have my Facebook group where you can see lots of posts, photos and comments. I can reply easily and quickly there so you can comment there if you need to reach me. Or message me direct.

Instagram – The huge advantage of Instagram is that you can see all the lovely photos of balloons that I do. And also search back quite away – a bit of time travel to see what I have created in the past. You can Direct Message me (DM) to contact

Twitter – I’m also on that and again you can contact me directly through messages, here is the link to find me

Linked In – I’m known as Danny Schlesinger on Linked In as I joined many years ago before Danny The Idiot and I don’t need a separate business page on another platform. There is a message facility on Linked In too.

Google My Business – My latest addition to my channels and I’m not sure you can message me but there are reviews you can look at and posts to read about my latest shenanigans!

Best of Hastings – is a great way to read about my business, and keep up with the latest reviews customers and clients have left me. There are over 250 reviews from the 3 years I have been a member of the Best of Hastings. I’ve written articles and you can contact me through there too. In addition there are special offers, and local insights into other businesses that may benefit your event or special occasion.