Year end summary for Danny The Idiot

My year started recovering from the busiest Christmas and New Year I had in a long time. January saw me relaxing and heading over to the balloon entertainers convention in Louisville, Kentucky USA. Yes they exist! I learned a lot and even performed with a friend co-hosting the Stage competition. I met friends from all over the world, like-minded people, colleagues and pals. That seems like a long time ago. On my return I noticed more people wearing masks and I was alerted, looking out for what was Happening in Europe. Here is what I wrote about in a blog –

Then we went into full lock down. All my gigs, jobs, and everything was cancelled. Live entertainment could not go ahead. So after picking myself up off the floor, I began creating balloon deliveries. That helped my sanity and people enjoyed the balloons. I went for walks, started gardening and carried on as best as I could. We all did, and are continuing to do so.

When the restrictions lifted I managed to get work on Hastings Pier making balloons. And at the same time I realised I needed to lose weight and get fit. I’m still on my journey but  I have achieved 3 stone (20kg or 42 pounds) weight reduction. I’m feeling fit and healthy for the first time in ages. This is my biggest win this year and one I am extremely proud of.

During the summer I realised that once the weather got colder – I couldn’t make balloons outside so I looked into virtual shows. Learning new skills to create, produce and perform in my own shows. At the same time I went to Knockhatch Adventure Park and sold a few balloons. Here is my first day visiting to see how it all worked.

I created a brand new Halloween Show and performed this online. It went really well and now I’m performing my Danny The Elf’s Christmas Show which is getting good feedback from audiences. Written by a 9 year old “The show was very excellent, Danny was also very funny. I loved the show very much. I laughed a lot and would tell everyone to watch the Christmas show.”  J, Heidi M’s son ***** Google Review

Its been a strange year and my priorities have been looking after my health, creating new performance material which helps my sanity, (some may say insanity!) and I’ve tried new things cooking more, gardening, walking and keeping in touch with friends and family around the world. I’ve attempted things that have failed and succeeded in different things that have been encouraging. Collaborating has been key, been open an upfront with not only customers but myself has been prioritised. I move ahead with lots to look forward to next year. 2021 – bring it on!

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Danny the Idiot