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Danny The Idiot

Book a Virtual Variety Act
That Adds Fun in your Face

a truly unique virtual experience!

Imagine families watching the screen and are laughing together…
but wait!

They are not watching a movie. Its LIVE and interactive but on a screen!

Each family is engaging with the performer.
Everyone is impressed and are saying stuff like:

“ Pivoting to perform Virtual Show wasn’t that hard after performing for 30 years on stage and on screen.”

Danny Schlesinger
This is some of the magic you get with the
‘Danny the Idiot Virtual Show Experience’.

It’s a variety act that is online, getting the entire family on board of an adventure.

Combinations of silliness, magic, crazy balloon stunts and awful puns are performed. All the attendees will laugh and be utterly entertained.

Grown-ups love the riveting experience. They watch the show because they don’t want to miss a moment of mayhem. Amazingly - they don’t check their phones during the show. They do unless it’s for taking pictures of the kids rolling on the floor. Or snaps of kids jumping at the screen with excitement.

Booking a Virtual Show is trendy and the thing to do because:

It’s completely COVID safe, no matter what the rule changes and conditions are doing.

Everyone gets a front-row seat!

It’s interactive and fun and so surprising (people got used to boring Zooms. Not cool!)

If people can meet on it online, Danny can entertain through it.

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“Danny the (genius) Idiot kept everybody interested and engaged for his entire performance… Danny’s persona is hilarious for all ages.”

Shana Sharp, California, USA

What makes Danny a sought after Virtual Entertainer:

Genuinely Entertaining

Danny has performed for over thirty years both on camera and live for family audiences.

original funny routines

Watch Danny as tries to escape balloon-made body shackles with a balloon chainsaw.

weird transformation

Danny not only changes into a Human Balloon, but he will also teach all the audience members how to inflate themselves. Careful not to pop!

This POPular show can explode your phone with messages like…
“funny” and “thank you Jane, great job, we want to give you a raise”
– even if your name is Cathy!

The Corporate Virtual Show

Danny the Idiot’s Unbirthday Show

Birthdays only happen once a year. Unbirthday’s happen 365 days a year! Your employees and their kids
will love Danny the Idiot and join the celebration of everyone’s Unbirthday. With a dose of the silly,
mixed with a dollop of crazy and sniff of whimsy this virtual show is hilarious for all.

Using the magic of the camera, Danny will get the kids shouting at the screen, and the grown ups too.
This variety show celebration includes Puppets, Magic, and Balloons.

And co-featuring for the first time, Rufus the Robot Balloon Dog, that will reveal your company’s message in a ridiculously funny way. Are you red E for it?! This show is usually 30 minutes long, but it can also be 20 minutes if required.



“Danny was great!
Finally something different.
Danny’s terrific personality and very entertaining performance made our event.”

Empirical Events
“Danny’s shows arewonderful in person and online. What a cheer Danny gave us for Halloween where we were unable to go out. Can’t praise highly enough.
The perfect fun family entertainment.”
Alex W

“We were amazed at
Danny’s Show via zoom,
the family loved it. Danny is
a very funny man and had all
the kids and adults laughing.”

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“I loved this virtual interactive
show. We watched,laughed
and joined in the fun
together as a family from the
comfort of our sofa.”
Catherine Evans
“What a great show,
fantastic all round humour,
so very funny for all of the family.”
Michelle M
“Danny The Idiot really
made me laugh and
my children too. We didn’t
want the show to end!”
Natalie Neal


And would never even ask

Amazing fact #1

Danny played Homer Simpson in an advert
“Come home to the Simpsons” for Sky tv.

Outstanding fact #2

Danny was the main character in the short film – Sniffer.
It won many awards including the Palm D’or
at the famous Cannes Film festival.

Who would have known that’s a thing fact #3

Danny is pumped that he has been awarded
“International Twister of the year 2011”
– an Award for Excellence in the art of balloon twisting & innovative balloon entertainment. And also took his show to Italy where the children voted for their favourite show, which he had the honour of winning.
He won third position at the stage competition at
Twist & Shout Balloon Convention in Las Vegas 2015.

This actually happened fact #4

Danny has performed for two Royal families.
One in the back garden of Buckingham Palace,
and one for the opening of Warner Brothers
Abu Dhabi with the Royals of the UAE. Does that qualify him to say “By Royal Appointment”?!

Now you know!

Danny the idiot says

“I love the sound of laughter. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in person or online. Laughter is like pure energy for my soul.”

Danny Schlesinger

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