I’ve reached another milestone on my weight loss journey. I’ve now been on the 1:1 Diet for ten weeks and shed 33lbs, 2 stone or 15kg.

The photo shows the outward difference from when I started, before the diet and yesterday, 10 weeks later. I’m not alone on this journey. My Sherpa is Heidi from Heidi the diet lady at the 1:1 diet. She is fantastically encouraging, highly knowledgeable and full of advice, tips and tricks to overcome steep moments and difficult terrain. The walking boots are on, and the backpack is getting lighter.

Some days are better than others. On occasion I want to stuff my face, instead I’ve learned to drink water instead. Other days when something good happens I feel on top of the mountain enjoying the view of my success before tackling the next level. These may not be numbers on the scale. I’ve been varying my clothing I wear, rather than putting the same things on, I’ve put different clothes or even suits that I perform in on. I now have to wear a belt with ALL of my trousers otherwise they will (and have) fallen to my ankles!

I’m learning about how much a calorie is in real terms. And noting each day what my intake is and how much exercise I do. I went out for the first time in months to eat with some friends. Even though I had salad instead of chips, I didn’t read the menu closely enough and had bacon and cheese mistakenly. However I then walked around town for the afternoon using up those extra calories.

Both online and in person meetings, people who know me have complimented and noticed my slimming down. This is a great booster to me as the days and weeks pass I can see the difference but it seems slower than I wish it to be. So these moments of off scales success are deep breaths of oxygen to the summit of my final goal.

How does this effect my performing? I have more energy, I feel really well and I’m looking forward to having all my suits for work re-jigged, or perhaps purchasing new ones. A gag I’ve been thinking about for a year now is very doable due to the weight loss. So I’m going to do it! I also feel a huge sense of achievement and success. The success of conquering something specifically that has been difficult for me for quite some time but I’m doing it. I’m learning lots along the way, taking in the views and enjoying the journey. Onwards and forwards…

If you are interested in shedding some pounds, seeing results and feeling lighter, why not contact Heidi at the 1:1 diet. Heidi 07791 002176 or email at hello@heidithedietlady.com. I know there will be competitions for free stuff, goodies and much more in September so follow her on social media and let her guide you through your weight loss journey too. Please mention me, Danny The Idiot, if you are interested. For more info look here https://www.facebook.com/heidithedietlady/

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