Silly Shows that Entertain Everyone

Using a mix of balloons, comedy, circus skills, puppetry and theatre magic Danny creates fun family experiences. The whole family can enjoy shows and add some silliness to life creating memorable experiences. Reap the rewards with comments after the shows like “I’ve never laughed so much in a long time”.

Danny specialises in shows, so your location and event will change which show will be great for you and your guests.

There is the basic human need to laugh. To laugh together. From belly laughs to chuckles, Danny entertains everyone in the audience. A grown up man being a silly idiot is the best!


Kids can’t sit still or focus unless they are involved, engaged and actively taking part in a show.

Here’s another thing …
Adults need a laugh too, and need to be part of the family experience, off their phones and forgetting their troubles

Here’s yet one more thing…
We all want to laugh together, but how many shows have you been to where the kids love it but the parents are bored.

So what’s the solution?
A show that engages everyone in the room. Little kids, older siblings, parents, grandparents they all need a fabulous show so everyone is laughing at the ridiculousness in the show and the Idiocy of Danny the Idiot!


A great performance can entertain many people all at once. People will oooh and aaahh and clap all at the same time. But that’s not all the advantages you can gain by a long balloon….

Other benefits from watching and participating in a Danny
The Idiot show are
Busy people are naturally more stressed. But shows are great way to Reduce Stress, increase a sense of connection and community and it’s even backed up by many studies too numerous to mention here (yeah, science!)

It all starts with getting ready. You are about to go to a live show and the questions immediately pop up: What will you wear? How will you get there? Answering these questions and more all add to your interactive and engaging experience

What would you prefer to watch, a live theatre show or a recording of one? People love watching live shows as it stimulates all of their senses. The pre-show chatter, the smell of the stage smoke, the venue and the texture of the seating or grass are so much more than just watching at home. You can see who else is in the audience, meet friends and family, and create memories

Is that it? No! Being at a live show is thought provoking, and encourages creativity. If you want your loved one and the people you care about to grow, give them a show, that’s what Danny’s granny used to say

For children, the benefits are almost endless. Suffice to say that the kids are fully immersed with the show, and are not doing anything else during it like asking questions, running into each other or conducting in any mostly harmless mischief

Ultimately – it’s fun, you laugh, and it gives permission for everyone
to be a child again!

where are you celebrating your event?

There are shows for different events and locations so have a look and check out where your event will be…


Summer events, festivals, theme parks, corporate shindigs and family gatherings outdoors are great, but how can you entertain a lot of different people differently? With a great show from Danny The Idiot of course!

indoor venue

Birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations that happen indoors can also have a brilliant variety show to enhance your party event. Everyone has a great time creating a fabulous memorable event.



The Birthday child will be made the star of the show and be celebrated by friends and family.
The show is different and original so you and your guests will experience something new and exciting

The show is interactive and engaging so the kids (and adults) will be riveted to their seats!
Not literally! I have different tools to rivet the audience. You can relax enjoy the party and be stress free with all the kids AND adults laughing – you will be too


Having the kids there is great, but you don’t want them interrupting speeches or getting too bored either.

This is where Danny the Idiot can take the children away to another area at your venue at speech time. The adults get to enjoy the speeches in peace while Danny performs a kid-friendly show or creates balloons just for them, and gets them to help. Danny needs a couple of adults to accompany him while the show is on.

Want someone that provides fun, laughter and entertainment and that that will remain in memories long after the day has ended, ensuring you and your guests experience a fabulous day. Danny is your Idiot!



Christmas is a time for great toys. But are they fun, safe? Will the kids enjoy them? Danny The Elf is testing a few toys. What could possibly go wrong?!

The Monster Spooktacular Show

 Join Danny the Idiot for a Halloween show of silly spooky & Monstrous  fun. This is a 30 minute live interactive show via Zoom, full of Halloween themed comedy, balloons, puppetry and fun for the entire family. At the end of the show there will be a costume competition for children with a prize!

Tickets are only £10 plus booking fee, per household/ screen! Limited places!!

Tickets on at

As the Show will be an interactive online you can join from anywhere in the country or indeed the world!

Company Events
Entertaining kids and families at company events, even adults are big kids!

Bringing your company family values of togetherness into life and profit from a ton of fun with Danny the Idiot!

So what type of company events might enjoy the presence of a skillful experienced variety show master?

Company events
Product launches
Company picnics



Thanks for asking – let me tell you!
It’s a variety show that gets the entire family on board an adventure.
Combinations of silliness, magic, crazy balloon stunts and awful puns are performed.
All the audience will laugh and be utterly entertained.
Watch as Danny attempts to escape balloon-made body shackles with a balloon chainsaw!

Witness Danny’s weird transformation into a Human Balloon! And then he teaches the audience members how to be one too. Careful not to pop!

With Danny the Idiot’s own quirky, daft way, grown ups and kids alike will have fun – how much?


I’m highly experienced and hilariously brilliant!
But don’t take my word for it!

“You’re silly!”

Little girl, in audience
of ‘Three Little Pigs’

"The Houdini of Balloon Performers"

Mike Farwell, 570 News, Kitchener,
Ontario, Canada

“Funny, stupid, quality entertainment for kids and adults. Surprising, gentle and crazy!”

Hannah R

“Danny is clearly a skilled performer with a warm engaging personality and children really watch him. “Three Little Pigs” kept everyone rapt and the hearty applause at the end was genuine.”

Pam Hardiman, Theatre Royal Margate, On ‘Three Little Pigs

“A highly visual fusion of top-notch tomfoolery and comedy chaos”

Haverhill Weekly News

“A master of his own brand of tomfoolery”

The Stage

“A gem of comedy, full of audience rapport”

Theatre Guide London


In Circo Ridiculoso’s unique style, a story is adapted and mutated from horror to ha ha ha, from the dark and spooky to the light and airy. So why not step into the quirky tale of “Frankenstein For Kids” – a hilarious fusion of silliness, unscientific storytelling and monstrous balloon puppetry.

Show Length: 50 minutes approximately Intended for everyone over 4 years old

Just look at what he’s produced and performed in…


touring England & Wales.
Most successful show retelling the well known story which toured England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
a devised original story of a Balloon Gardener trying to grow balloons. Toured the UK.
an original balloon variety show that toured all over the UK & Edinburgh Fringe Festival


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