I’ve travelled a lot due to being a balloon artist and performer.

In February I was at a balloon convention in Louisville, Kentucky in the USA – Twist and Shout 2020. What happens at a convention? Classes in the latest balloon techniques and ideas, competitions with balloons to challenge and test your skills. There are competitions with timed rounds, costume and dress contests – all made from balloons. There are small medium and large balloon sculpture competitions and a lot more. The best thing for me is learning new techniques and most of all seeing my friends from all over the world and networking with them.

This year I worked with a friend of mine, Andrea Noel (pictured) and we co-hosted the stage competition. Acts have up to 7 minutes to entertain the audience with something with balloons in. We devised lots of in-between acts bits of business all targeted at our balloon friends and attendees. Lots of things went well and a few technical mishaps, but it’s all how you cope with it in the moment and we were brilliant at that. We had a great team backstage which made a huge difference.

Why do I go to these costly events? I gain so much industry knowledge, contacts through networking and new insights on how I can improve my client experience at the events I perform at. Plus its great fun and I love to travel, seeing new places and people with familiar faces.

If you would like me at your small event using all my knowledge built up over the years or, to create a deliverable balloon gift with so many techniques and ideas,  contact me here or call 07947 013178

Check out this page for prices, products and photos!  https://www.dannytheidiot.com/balloon-deliveries/

Until next time…