I now have a range of balloon gifts that are inflated by pumps due to the current ongoing pandemic situation. I deliver using social distance. Payment is by bank transfer or paypal to be contact free.

Before I get to gift ideas let me give some top tips on caring for your balloon gift.

  • Keep away from radiators, or direct sunlight will help them last longer.
  • Keep away from under threes as balloon can pose a choking threat.
  • Keep away from pets for the same reason.
  • Always dispose of balloons responsibly, “pin it and bin” it.

I have a range of balloon flower bouquets. These are an ideal gift to say thank you to family or friends, or work colleagues. I can also create balloon numbers of various sizes for children’s ages or two together for 18th, 21st or special occasions. I can also create large or small balloon sculptures on any theme you wish, animals, characters, objects and so on. And lastly if you are having a home party I can provide a bag of simple balloon models and these can be in various quantities. I’ve had one parent use them to reward their kids after completing chores or homework throughout the day which is a fun idea!

Why should you buy?

Unique fun and different

Bespoke and tailor made to your recipient’s favourite colours

You don’t need a big party to have balloons!

Can be delivered locally!