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Balloon Deliveries!

Balloon Flower Bouquets

Small £20
About seven or eight simple flowers – very popular!  If you have a preference of colours for your gift, please state on ordering.

Medium  £30
More flowers, bigger bouquet with  a variety of flower shapes, sizes & colours & shiny balloons!
Medium  £30
More flowers, bigger bouquet with  a variety of flower shapes, sizes & colours & shiny balloons!

Large £40
Woven base allowing even more flowers, more variety in shapes, colours and sizes. Extra foliage and an additional cute creature too!

Birthday Numbers

Small: £20    
Double Numbers: £30

Simple but effective numbers in any colour that I have in stock!

Medium: £45

Larger number with theme added. As an example here is “under the sea” with an octopus, crab, diver and two fish. And a Spiderman themed number as well.

Large: £70

This can be themed to almost anything. This balloon ends up well over a metre tall! Additionally it will have a base like the medium number 5 above.

Popular themes include Unicorns, Sea Life, Space Adventures, Wizarding World, Super Heroes, Circus, Fairy Folk, Animals, and so on.

Balloon Sculptures

£25 depending on what it is and how complex.

£30-40 depending on what it is, and how complex.

£70   Anything you can think of I will create. It has to fit through a normal door and into my car! Here are some examples. Hobbies, favourite animals and objects are a good start.

Bag of Balloon Animals

10, 20, 30 pieces random simple animals in a bag!
Here are 10 pieces.

Balloon Rainbow

Since COVID-19 I have been unable to entertain at all kinds of events.It got me thinking – “What CAN I do?” Well, I can create amazing balloon art. I can do this at home. And then I can bring it to you. Perhaps its a gift for someone, a neighbour might want cheering up, to say thank you, or wish them well. Or perhaps there is a specific celebration like a birthday, anniversary or special day like Father’s Day! Or indeed you might want to decorate an office that is re-opening, or a thank you to particular members of staff.

All the balloons are custom created for you and can be in specific colours, bespoke items and dream themes!

My job continues aiming to spread joy and bring smiles to faces. How can I bring joy with balloons to you?

How does it work?

You tell me what you would like,  when you would like it and where you are located. I then send you details of how to pay me. I create the balloon sculpture(s) and deliver them!

  • Please contact me through the contact page
  • At the moment I am offering FREE delivery in the Hastings & St Leonards area.
  • Payment is via bank transfer so as to maintain the no contact advice from the government. Or Paypal if you prefer.
  • The balloons are all inflated with a pump so they are completely hygienic and safe. Also my deliveries always observe the social distancing advice. I knock on the door and leave the balloons on the doorstep before taking a few steps back and waiting to make sure they are received. Balloons can be wiped down for extra safety.
  • All the balloons I use are latex balloons which are biodegradable and sourced from natural latex rubber trees. In keeping with this green ethic, I do not use Helium gas or foil balloons.
  • PLEASE NOTE on the larger balloon sculptures there is a water weight in the base to stabilise the structure. Please don’t place on anything electronic or valuable, just in case!
  • PLEASE NOTE #2 Designs may vary due to available balloons and artistic temperament!


Delivery is FREE in Hastings, St Leonards other places depend on your order size and your postcode. Please state where you wish your balloons to be delivered with a postcode.

Hurry up and check Danny’s availability
on the date of your event

Can you help me help you by supplying the following information when calling or emailing:

Name, date and location of the event and what kind of event it will be.