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Danny the Idiot children's party entertainer


Danny Directs enables professional entertainers of family shows to experience their improved or new show, which is tailored to their original concepts and character through an easy, personalized, focused structural guidance.

Danny is offering two packages to a select few performers like you who are looking to add a director to their team that helps you to be the best entertainer you can be for your audiences.

You have your balloon instructors teaching new designs and concepts, magic tutors teaching you new tricks. What about your web designer, accountant, or photographer? So now it’s time to INVEST in YOU as a performer and add Danny as your director to your team.


The Rewards

With this investment, you will, within a few shows, reap the rewards of having a better show or act. It will help you to get more bookings because you will connect more deeply with your audience members. So your booker will recommend you, rebook you and you will gain a better reputation. You will stand out in your market because you will have a quality product (your show). I can help you get there fast and efficiently without having to make all the mistakes in public.

Then you can raise your fees and reap the rewards of your investment.



The Process

  • Using a mixture of video and online conversations, award-winning British performer and professional director Danny Schlesinger (that’s me!) will help you craft a new show or improve an existing act.
  • My goal is to improve the performance standards of balloon artists, children’s entertainers, storytellers and magicians.

The Packages

Package list 2020

#1 Top Tips for Show Development
Danny’s top tips for developing a show from years of experience & training
#2 Tips & More with Costume
Suitable for twisters, entertainers and decorators pitching or meeting clients. If you want to develop your business with Networking this will help too.
#3 Totally New to Shows
Email coaching over 8 weeks with vital info to help you into performing your first show PLUS #1 & #2
#4 Danny Express
Show Assessment by a video of your show, & an email report
#5 Danny Express Deluxe
Show Assessment by a video of your show with Video Report PLUS one 30 minute meeting online
#6 Fine Tune
Designed for those performers who feel their act just needs a little polish. This package gives you three hours direction via Skype and video PLUS  Detailed feedback on how to improve what you already perform
#7 Complete Works
Danny will turn his creative genius to your own project & help you add new ideas, help you create a bespoke show to outshine your competition, get awesome feedback & repeat bookings. You will get a full eight hours of valuable personal direction by watching your videos, making notes, then coaching you via the Internet video.  Zivi Kivi, Silly Sparkles, Christopher Lyle, Buster Balloon have been successful with the complete works  
#8 The Ultimate
Face to face directing in person, the fastest most productive method of improving. Danny will visit you and work with you for a minimum of 2 days. Restrictions to some countries apply, please ask Danny for more details. Drew Ripley, Canada, Tampilipe in Switzerland, and Slash Bubbles, France and most recently, Rainbow Twisters in Glasgow Scotland, have been most welcoming
#9 The Secret Adviser
For those stars about to get on TV, Film or large stage shows Danny cannot disclose who he has helped as he has signed Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Of course Danny can’t do any of this on his own. You need to put in the work and have your own ideas. But with his experienced eye, he can help you create an act that goes further faster!

Please note that the hours will be spread over a mutually agreed amount of time to allow you to work on your show or act.


Contact Danny to improve your Show


What Happens Next?

Click the red dog below and fill in the contact form with as much information as you can give.


To Recap the Entire Process:

1. Fill in the contact form and tell me:
    ●  Where are you in the world?
    ●  What are your performing experiences?
    ●  What do you want me to help you with?
    ●  Have you any videos of the work you want me to help you with or other performances?

2. I will then contact you and arrange a Skype session at a convenient time for both of us.

3. You can send me any videos to look at beforehand and think what you would like for me to help you with your show.

4. You then pay me via Paypal.

5. I may give you tasks to do before the next online video session, which we will arrange together.

6. You work on your own on the tasks I set you to improve your show and video progress to send to me.